Business Checking Accounts

Talk about a top performer! With Arbor Financial Credit Union, you can open a business checking account that works as hard as you do.  

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Discover the perfect business checking account for you.

Michigan business owners make tough choices every day: what to sell, how to help their clients, who to hire, and much more. Options are everything, and Arbor offers you choices as well. The best part is, you can't go wrong, no matter which business checking account you pick. With low fees, high returns, and a host of free money management features, this might be the easiest business decision you make all year!

Here are some features you'll find in all of Arbor Financial Credit Union's Business Checking accounts:

  • Low or no fees
  • Free check writing for a certain number of checks each month
  • Free business debit card
  • Free Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Web Bill Pay

Want some help making the right Business Checking choice? Contact Arbor Financial at 269.375.6702.

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Small Business Checking

  • First 50 checks paid included. 51+ is $0.25 each.
  • First 50 debits posted included. 51+ is $0.25 each.
  • Includes first 50 over the counter (OTC) deposits, 51+ 0.50 each
  • Cash Processing: Monthly Maintenance fee for cash intensive business will be determined by the Credit Union on a case-by-case basis
  • No minimum balance. No maintenance fees.
  • Business Debit Card
  • Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Scan deposit services and more.

Relationship Business Checking

  • First 100 checks paid included. 101+ is $0.25 each.
  • First 100 debits posted included. 101+ is $0.25 each.
  • Includes first 100 over the counter (OTC) deposits, 101+ 0.50 each
  • Cash Processing: Monthly Maintenance Fee for cash intensive business will be determined by the Relationship Manager on a case-by-case basis
  • Must keep $2,500 in your account to avoid a $20 monthly maintenance fee 
    • $0.00 - $2,499.99 = 0%

      $2,500.00 - $49,999.99 = 0.75%

      $50,000.00 - $99,999.99 = 1.00%

      $100,00.00 - $249,999.99 = 1.25%

      $250,000 - $499,999.99 = 1.50%

      $500,000+ = 1.75%

  • Interest earned and $20 maintenance fee waived with average minimum balance of $2,500
  • Business Debit Card
  • Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Positive pay
  • Wire Transfer  and ACH Origination Modules 
  • Remote Deposit Capture 



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